WinStar Oklahoma Casino

For over a year now, I have been playing at the WinStar Casino in Oklahoma City. While it is an Oklahoma city, it does not feel like a Vegas casino. It doesn’t seem to be a mega-casino either.

winstar oklahoma casino

WinStar’s centerpiece is the poker room. You can find every kind of poker tournament that you want to play in. There are a variety of different tables for you to play in including high limit poker and the low limit, along with eight and seven card stud poker.

The poker rooms are top notch, and I have never found one to be too slow. The television’s in the poker room also show you your entire stack of cards. You get to see what each player has left in their hand before placing your bet.

The restaurant in the back of the poker room is a fantastic option to grab a bite to eat while you play. You can also bring your laptop, TV, or even a game console into the casino. The entire place is a casino themed diner.

This is a nice way to spend an evening after a hard day’s work. The menu offers mostly Tex-Mex. You will also find an upscale bar. The bar is open all night and offers plenty of drinks to take home.

In addition to the many regular slot machines available, there are also a couple of progressive slots. They are worth taking a look at, as they feature a lot of bright colors. They are also very high-tech and offer a whole new level of excitement for the slot fan.

There are several dealers available for WinStar customers to meet as well. They help create a great atmosphere for gaming fans to congregate and make new friends. They are all great players and quite helpful as well.

WinStar is a great place to gamble on a Friday night. You can also take your computer or game console into the place for a complete gaming experience.